Splitfinger Strategies Logo

Splitfinger Strategies Logo

Splitfinger Strategies Logo

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As a new business, Splitfinger Strategies needed a logo to help establish its identity among its growing customer base. Not only does the company helps businesses promote their brands by sourcing and customizing quality goods for trade shows, special events, school stores, teams, etc,, it also puts businesses in touch with speakers, consultants and solutions. The company was founded after a baseball epiphany of sorts, a la Field of Dreams.  The company’s president realized how his experiences on the field are so intricately connected to the way in which he strives to conduct business. It was important to him to give a nod to baseball in his company’s identity and logo. He also wanted clients to understand Splitfinger’s unique ability to bring people and solutions together.


SnyderWeb took a kernel of an idea and evolved it into a logo that would properly communicate the company’s mission of “connecting people, places & things.” SnyderWeb blended the traditional, all-American baseball identity with a modern font to balance the solid character of the company’s inspiration with its eye towards future growth & success. A large logo with a tagline is used by Splitfinger for its marketing materials, while a smaller one featuring just the baseball iconography and company name is used when more subtle branding is warranted.


If your company needs to create a new logo or update an existing one, SnyderWeb can help. We will present several different options and tweak the design until it meets your needs and reflects your company’s mission.