Skin & Souls Logo

Skin & Souls Logo

Skin & Souls Logo

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The esthetician founder of Skin & Souls approached SnyderWeb as she was launching her new venture to promote her skin care advice & products online through social media and the web. She needed to establish a logo that could be used across digital properties and for product branding. She wanted a logo that was light & crisp and somewhat ethereal to reflect her Zen approach to client services, which treats their skin and souls alike. She desired a silver & white color scheme.


Challenged with the task of making an impactful logo, yet keeping it light & Zen, SnyderWeb tried a few different approaches before delivering the final logo to Skin & Souls. We were concerned whether a silvery-white logo could “pop” without a dark background, but felt setting it against something dark would take away from the ethereal feel the client desired. At first, we used first used a dark background and lightened the look with some orbs of light before finally evolving to a metallic logo using a 3D beveled edge treatment and shadows against a rich marble background to add texture and interest. Our client LOVED the logo and said it was” everything she was looking for, but could not imagine herself.”  We went a step further and also delivered a version to the client that used a simple “S & S” logo to be used as a favicon and on social media platforms as a company profile picture.



If your company needs to create a new logo or update an existing one, SnyderWeb can help. We will present several different options and tweak the design until it meets your needs and reflects your company’s mission.