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St. Vincent Martyr School Promotional Video

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When the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the school building to visitors, St. Vincent Martyr School in Madison, NJ needed to provide a virtual tour for prospective students and their families. The goal was not only to provide an overview of the facility and the grounds, but to embue the warm sense of community that people feel when they walk through the school doors.


SnyderWeb wrote a script for the video that encompassed all of the major marketing messages and distinctive features of the school. Because access to the school was restricted, existing photo assets were used to illustrate the points made in the script. This took hours of reviewing photo archives to source just the right photos for each portion of the video. Photos and words were meticulously timed to the soundtrack that was recorded by a professional voice artist contracted by SnyderWeb.

The video was roundly praised by the Diocese of Paterson, and was held up as the gold standard of what schools in the diocese should emulate. Existing faculty, staff and families praised it as being a true representation of the school’s character and values. Prospective families indicated that the video was a major selling point in there decision to enroll their children in the school, despite the fact that they could not tour the school in person!


If you are in need of an effective promotional video to demonstrate what your company has to offer, SnyderWeb can write and produce one that will truly convey your spirit and mission. We understand that script’s voice, the recording artist’s tone and the images or video displayed all work together to express a cohesive representation of your business.

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