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St. Vincent Martyr School Website

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St. Vincent Martyr School in Madison, NJ needed to establish a strong web and social media presence to promote the outstanding education it provides to its students in an era when families are unable or unwilling to invest in a parochial school education. SnyderWeb proposed and executed a digital & traditional marketing plan to attract new students & retain existing ones.

While many Catholic schools are struggling to keep their doors open, St. Vincent Martyr not only maintained enrollment, but increased it! SnyderWeb effectively communicated the school’s unique philosophy and character through a variety of social media campaigns and website upgrades. SnyderWeb’s efforts yielded HUNDREDS of prospective students. Their families toured, the students participated in entrance exams, and enrollment is strong! Half of the school’s grades (which contain 2 classes of 25 students each) are completely filled, with wait lists for many of those. Grades that have traditionally lost enrollment because of public school options have actually gained students. The school was even able to expand its PreK3 program from two classes to three!


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