Mimi’s Delicatessen

Mimi's Delicatessen Website

Visit Mimi’s Website: https://www.mimismadison.com/

Mimi’s Delicatessen Website

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Mimi’s Delicatessen is a busy neighborhood deli, serving people who live, work and commute in Madison, NJ. Located on a main thoroughfare which attracts walk-in and drive-up customers, Mimi’s also wanted to offer customers a way to place orders online for delivery and pickup. Many of the food ordering platforms charge businesses high fees to utilize their services. Mimi’s knew there could must be a better solution and asked SnyderWeb for help.


SnyderWeb created an eCommerce solution for Mimi’s, customized to their needs. The flexible online ordering system allows customers to easily select and calculate options for their breakfast and lunch orders, as well as determine pickup or delivery times. This website is fully responsive, allowing people to easily place orders from their mobile devices, whether sitting in at their desks, on a job site or in their cars between meetings! Business is booming, and customers love this new convenience!


If you need to sell goods and services online, SnyderWeb can craft an eCommerce solution that is easy for users to navigate and place orders. We will ensure your website uses tools to process transactions securely with the lowest fees available.